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In the beginning, there was asbestos brakes.
Today, there is NeoBrake.


Today’s trucks are more aerodynamic, haul heavier loads, and too often push their heavy-duty asbestos-free brakes too far. And abuse them. Yet the trucking industry continues heading down the same troubled path of putting their energies into saving a buck while giving lip-service to saving lives.

Nothing improves safety and performance better than asbestos brakes. Only those were banned years ago. So it became NeoBrake’s sole mission to formulate heavy-duty asbestos-free brakes that performed next best.


What’s new at NeoBrake

  • Matrix NeoCast 4707Q cast iron brake shoe

Matrix NeoCast Makes Final Four of 2017

January 3rd, 2018|Comments Off on Matrix NeoCast Makes Final Four of 2017

With 2017 coming to a fast close last week, things were fairly quiet around the NeoBrake offices until Matrix NeoCast was named the no. 4 top new aftermarket of 2017 by Truck Parts & Service magazine. Just a day after Christmas, Truck Parts [...]

Matrix NeoCast™ Busts A Move In New Product Video

August 8th, 2017|Comments Off on Matrix NeoCast™ Busts A Move In New Product Video

The revolutionary lightweight Matrix NeoCast™ brake shoe will not wilt under the heat and pressure of heavy-duty braking. Its advanced composition is so special, it can twist and turn in ways only it can. So without further adieu... Hit it!

Inside Scoop

We stand by our products 100%. If there’s a problem, we’ll make it right.
Rick Ballew, CEO, NeoBrake
Cutting corners is the formula for inferior friction material. That’s not how we roll.
Jay Czuk, GM, NeoBrake
Runaway truck ramps are no place to park. Reman Up!
Kari Rueda, Operations, NeoBrake