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About NeoBrake

As one of the original U.S. reman brake shops, NeoBrake has been rebuilding brakes and formulating world-class friction material since before most of today’s global giants got into it. That’s just a fact. So when we talk qualify of friction and lining life, our reference point is the original industry standard: asbestos brakes.

Asbestos might be a dirty word, and rightly so, but to this day no other raw mineral possesses its extraordinarily high heat-resistant properties. So when asbestos was banned from use in brake linings, the quest began to formulate asbestos-free friction material that performed just as well. Which has been our guiding principle since opening our doors in 1988.

And why this reman brake shop is supremely confident in our time-tested formulas and asbestos-free brake linings.

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NeoBrake reman brake shop

Not a tearjerker, but our competitors may need a tissue.

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Why NeoBrake?

NeoBrake reman brake shop

For starters, better brakes and lasting wheel-end components.

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Neokinetic Friction Technology

NeoBrake reman brake shop

Brakes work. Breakthroughs work better.

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Reman Process

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It’s time to Reman Up. Here’s how we make it happen.

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