NeoBrake Matrix 460SFX Axle Hub EP Grease Stops Leaks And Waste

//NeoBrake Matrix 460SFX Axle Hub EP Grease Stops Leaks And Waste

NeoBrake Matrix 460SFX Axle Hub EP Grease Stops Leaks And Waste

OAK CREEK, Wis.November 8, 2014 – NeoBrake Systems, Inc., a leading North American heavy-duty brake remanufacturer and marketer of premium wheel-end replacement parts, announced the launch of Matrix 460SFX™, a fully synthetic extreme-duty semi-fluid axle-hub EP grease, in 28 oz. caulk tubes to quicken fill times, reduce over-/under-greasing, and eliminate residual waste in discarded grease buckets, pails and drum barrels.

“We packaged it in construction caulk tubes to make it easier to handle and cut down on product waste,” said NeoBrake CEO Rick Ballew. “When you get to the end of a 55-gallon drum, technicians don’t scrape out the rest. That’s a lot of grease going to waste.”

According to Ballew, the idea for the construction tube came from a NeoBrake customer, who wanted to speed up fill times without compromising accuracy, consistent with TMC guidelines; however, the idea to market a semi-fluid grease better known for use in gear boxes was Ballew’s.

“This comes in a gel-like consistency, which coats the insides of your axle hubs to give you that added protection against leaks,” shared Ballew. “Once it all heats up, it turns into more of a conventional 80-weight axle grease. But this stuff is made for extreme conditions. It’s made for the long, long haul.”

Which is by design. Matrix 460SFX is an advanced aerospace semi-fluid grease formulation, a scientific combination of Lithium extreme pressure (EP) complex grease, PAO full synthetic ISO 460 gear lube and a sophisticated additive package. It’s designed for all-season protection, preventing premature wear, rust and corrosion, and damage, especially in shock loading applications, to integrated wheel-end components.

Service shops, owner-operators and fleets all stand to gain by using Matrix 460SFX. NeoBrake customers have reported a reduction in fill times by half, which has allowed them to perform more work in a given day. Trucking companies benefit from fewer leaks and longer wearing parts. It gets drivers on the road sooner and gets them home without quicker.

Matrix 460SFX is available throughout the United States at NeoBrake dealers and distributors, or online for purchase online by the case at For more information, visit or call 1-888-411-9916, or contact Rick Ballew at

About NeoBrake

NeoBrake Systems, Inc. is a leading North American remanufacturer of heavy-duty brakes and formulator of world-class asbestos-free brake drum and air disc brake linings, as well as the marketer of superior-grade, performance-enduring Matrix wheel-end replacement parts and axle hub grease. NeoBrake operates throughout the continental United States, strategically locating warehouse distribution centers in highest volume regions to ensure 2-day deliver. Founded in 1988, NeoBrake is privately owned and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin—a Milwaukee suburb. For more information, visit or call 1-888-411-9916. Follow NeoBrake (@RemanUp) on Twitter.


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