Matrix JamSeal Turns Wheel Seal Installations Into “Jam” Sessions

//Matrix JamSeal Turns Wheel Seal Installations Into “Jam” Sessions

Matrix JamSeal Turns Wheel Seal Installations Into “Jam” Sessions

OAK CREEK, Wis.July 8, 2014 – NeoBrake Systems, Inc., a leading North American heavy-duty brake remanufacturer, introduced the Matrix JamSeal™, a high-grade premium push-on wheel seal, promising superior performance and faster installation times, including increased revenue streams for truck service centers.

“We named it the JamSeal, because you essentially jam it into place and go on to the next thing,” shared NeoBrake Owner and CEO Rick Ballew. “Time is money, as they, and this is the best fastest, most productive way to change out your wheel seals.”

Besides saving time during installation, the Matrix JamSeal is engineered and manufactured to outperform competing brands. The JamSeal features a wider sealing surface to compensate for hub bore imperfections, while its robust 3-piece cartridge design bolsters strength in its outer wall, which also is ribbed to ensure once the seal is seated it won’t back out.

According to Ballew, its primary sealing lip is fully enclosed to guard against contamination and installation damage. The seal itself is made of Nitrile® (Buna N) rubber and is compatible for use with NeoBrake’s Matrix 460SFX™ semi-fluid 00 EP grease. “This seal met our standards, and an independent slurry test demonstrated a service life 3x longer than leading brands,” said Ballew.

Matrix JamSeal is available in 11 sizes to accommodate the trucking industry’s highest demand, and purchases can be made throughout the NeoBrake dealer and distributor network nationwide, or online at

For more information, visit, call 1-888-411-9916, or contact Rick Ballew at

About NeoBrake

NeoBrake Systems, Inc. is a leading North American remanufacturer of heavy-duty brakes and formulator of world-class asbestos-free brake drum and air disc brake linings, as well as the marketer of superior-grade, performance-enduring Matrix wheel-end replacement parts and axle hub grease. NeoBrake operates throughout the continental United States, strategically locating warehouse distribution centers in highest volume regions to ensure 2-day deliver. Founded in 1988, NeoBrake is privately owned and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin—a Milwaukee suburb. For more information, visit or call 1-888-411-9916. Follow NeoBrake (@RemanUp) on Twitter.


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