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NeoBrake brakes & wheel-end products not only raise the bar, they raise expectations. Only the highest grade raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices for us. That’s right. So you won’t find cheap filler or who-knows-what in NeoBrake products. No, sir. We do it right. And that’s why our friction material and wheel-end parts perform as well as they do. So if you want to make it further down the road, start with NeoBrake brakes & wheel-end products.

After all, our CEO, Rick Ballew, traveled the world over to find the ideal manufacturer and manufacturing conditions to produce our world-class asbestos-free friction material. He even spent time in Russia visiting asbestos mining operations to learn how best to replace this restricted — yet original standard material — in order to offer our customers the next best thing. Our proprietary formulas are proven, valued and, not surprisingly, envied.

We’ll stop at nothing to ensure you stop safely. That’s what exclusive NeoKinetic Friction Technology™ is all about.