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The secret sauce, as they say, for everything that goes into formulating ultimate-performance brake blocks. Sure, it’s involves physics, raw minerals, and superior resins. But the secret ingredient here is real-world experience.

In the modern era of asbestos-free brakes, there has been one constant in the remanufacturing brake landscape: Rick Ballew. Under his leadership, NeoBrake launched with one goal in mind: to produce the next best thing to asbestos brakes.

NeoKinetic Friction Technology is the culmination of hands-on experience, having first rebuilt asbestos brakes in the transportation industry before they were discontinued, combined with the passion and drive to perfect the formula for asbestos-free brakes in the years that followed.

In short, NeoBrake has what others don’t: Rick Ballew, his proven formulas, and a team of equally devout reman brake builders.

(Physics x Experience) + Quality materials + Manufacturing practices – (Shortcuts + Stockholders) = NeoKinetic Friction Technology

 The formula behind NeoBrake’s competitive advantage in marketplace (without revealing any trade secrets).