NeoBrake Launches Premium Wheel-End Product Line

//NeoBrake Launches Premium Wheel-End Product Line

NeoBrake Launches Premium Wheel-End Product Line

NeoBrake Systems, Inc. announces a new line of premium wheel-end parts to complement their new and remanufactured brake linings that will be marketed under the Matrix brand name.

The initial product launch consists of a push-on wheel seal, Matrix JamSeal™, an extreme-pressure axle-hub grease, Matrix 460SFX™, and a machine-balanced brake drum, Matrix Revolution™.

According to NeoBrake CEO Rick Ballew, the Matrix wheel-end lineup fills a void in the marketplace for higher-grade premium products.

“Manufacturing practices today are not what they used to be. It’s no secret that companies look for ways to reduce production costs, but the problem is too many are degrading raw materials to save money,” says Ballew.

“We see it across all industries, but it’s a practice we’ve stayed away from because lower-grade materials means lower-grade quality, and it shows in the performance life of the products.”

The Matrix 460SFX EP grease is a 100% full synthetic and comes in handy 28oz caulk tubes for quick and exact application.

“A customer approached us and asked if we couldn’t package our grease in a construction caulk tube,” shares Ballew. “It cuts their fill times dramatically and saves them even more when you factor the amount of leftover grease thrown out in buckets and drums.”

The Matrix Revolution brake drum is designed to reduce brake “judder” and vibration, while dissipating heat transfer more evenly. It’s a one-piece drum machined on the inside and out for optimal balance, eliminating the need for weld-on weights and balance cuts.

Ballew adds, “It’s the brake drum I’d want on my trucks. It wears longer and prevents premature wear of other components around it, not to mention your tires. And best of all, it’s made of pure virgin metal…no filler material to weaken its strength.”

The Matrix JamSeal completes the new product lineup, as it is designed to hasten installation time without the need for a hand tool to install it.

“We loved this product from the moment we saw it. It jams into place as fast as its name suggests, and it’s engineered to compensate for hub inconsistencies. Our customers will love it.”

Matrix wheel-end products are available through NeoBrake’s distribution network. For more information or the distributor near you, contact NeoBrake at 1-888-411-9916 or go to

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