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There comes a time in every brake shoe and lining’s life when it’s time to call it quits, and upgrade to new heavy-duty brakes. At NeoBrake, we refuse to offer lesser-grade products, let alone pawn them off as a high-quality option. That’s not style.

Reman Up means stepping up the quality of your friction material and brake shoes, whether relining your brakes or investing in new heavy-duty brakes for working trucks or trailers. We put quality, safety and confidence to those ends first.

But let’s not lament the eventual fate of worn-down, weak pressed-steel cores, for this is a time to celebrate the advantages of new heavy-duty brakes. It’s time to Reman Up, all right. 

And sometimes that even means brand spanking new brake shoes and linings.


Brake Comparison Chart

  • For ultimate brake lining performance and life, NB1088-FF cohesive friction linings last twice as long as traditional abrasive-friction linings, while protecting drum surfaces from wear and reducing brake noise.
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  • For those who demand every measure of protection against rust-jacking, UltiBond™ lining seal adhesive stops corrosion before it starts.
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  • NB2001ABS-FF extra heavy duty truck brake linings and shoe combination are a significant advancement in brake shoe replacement. This ultra-mileage frication material maintains incredible stability -- even in the highest temperature ranges.
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  • NeoBrake's NB2000 ABS-FF new brake shoe & lining are a proven, premium tandem, offering a smooth, noise-free and predictably stable stopping force, designed to provide exceptional performance.
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