You might find a better deal, but you won’t find a better lining and shoe – the ultimate combo is here.  And it’s the NB1088 cohesive friction lining and revolutionary lightweight Matrix NeoCast brake shoe. This is everything you want from S-cam foundation brakes.

And it couldn’t come at a better time. With millions of trucks and trailers taking to the roads still equipped with drum brakes, someone had to innovate a better way to stop them. Air Disc Brakes aren’t the answer to their safety needs. But a brake shoe that sustains maximum torque without flexing, stretching and broken welds is.

Which is why we developed the industry’s first lightweight cast iron 4707Q brake shoe.

Industry’s First Lightweight Cast Iron Brake Shoe

Modern brake drums have never experienced the sustained maximum torque that comes with the world’s first lightweight cast iron 4707Q brake shoe. Combine that with premium non-abrasive linings, the NB1088s, and you have the ultimate combo in S-cam foundation brakes.

At NeoBrake, you arrive dollars ahead.