What’s stopping you?

From getting more miles out of your reman brakes? From dodging premature wear and unscheduled maintenance?

Paying less for reman brakes sounds like a brilliant idea until, that is, you don’t stop and can’t do the math. Because better brakes not only save you money, they can save your life.

Brake linings might look the same. They might feel the same. They might even be priced the same. But they’re anything but the same.

There is science and physics behind every brake block, the combination of friction materials and, of course, the way each is formulated. If all you’re going by is unit cost or familiarity of brand name, you’re missing the artistry of their formulation and underestimating their true quality and value.

NeoBrake linings feature exclusive Neokinetic Friction Technology™ and outperform all premium brakes in everyday application class—from stop to stop, across their entire service life, including initial unit cost and long-term maintenance expenses.

That’s why it’s time to Reman Up™.


Brake Comparison Chart