You’re putting us on, right?

Seriously. You’re installing Matrix premium wheel-end replacement parts, right?

Between you and us, our wheel-end components are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. We’ve pulled no punches when it comes to offering superior quality wheel-end replacement parts performance and safety.

Superior wheel-end replacement parts or bust.

We understand why others use cheaper raw materials, but product performance is more important to us than increasing margins. Even with using superior-grade raw materials our prices outperform our competitors. So if you’re looking to go cheap, you’ll be better off in the long with a Matrix wheel-end replacement part.

Besides, what you save purchasing cheaper replacement parts will only come back to haunt you in premature wear and part failure. Is that something your bean counters have considered?

The trucking business is not for the faint-of-performance—at least not those serious about solidifying their long-term operations—which is why NeoBrake’s Matrix line of premium wheel-end replacement parts are engineered for those who demand results.

So, are you Matrix material?