NBSM-FF Truck Brake Linings

NBSM-FF Truck Brake Linings

NBSM-FF was designed for special applications where high braking temperatures and foreign particle impregnation from dust, dirt and grit are an issue.

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NBSM-FF truck brake linings are heavyweights for rough-going, off-the-road applications. This exclusive high-density semi-metallic friction formula resists foreign particle impregnation from dust, dirt, and grit. Assures friction even in high braking temperatures. Protects drums, provides longer life and guards other components against excess heat.

NBSM-FF passes the inertia dynamometer requirement of the FMVSS 121 brake standard at a 23,000 lb. GAWR when using an AL factor of 180 (type 30 air chamber and 6″ slack adjuster) or greater.

NBSM-FF blends special steel wool fiber with aramid fibers to produce a block for the most difficult loads and terrain.



Recommended for use on trucks, tractors, and trailers in all applications including general cargo, stop and go urban driving, bus, grain, liquid hauling, dump trucks and lowboys. Also designed for hydraulic cam brakes and air operated steel axles.



Typical Inertia Dynamometer Plot Test Parameters – FMVSS 121 Brake Standard

Brake – 16.5″ x 7″ Meritor S-Cam
AL Factor – 180
Axle Load – 25,000 lbs.
Rolling Radius – 20.7″
Drum Weight – 120 lbs.

leg-yellow Retardation Force
Minimum Required Retardation
Temperature (F)
leg-blue Pressure