Matrix 460SFX™ Truck Grease

//Matrix 460SFX™ Truck Grease

Matrix 460SFX™ Truck Grease

Axle Hub / 100% Pure Synthetic Semi-Fluid 00 EP Grease

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Matrix 460SFX™ is an advanced aerospace 100% pure synthetic semi-fluid grease designed for all-season protection and enduring long-haul production. It’s not made just for heavy-duty applications, but extreme ones. Formulated with a calculated combination of Lithium extreme pressure (EP) complex grease, PAO full synthetic ISO 460 gear lube, and a sophisticated additive package delivering maximum protection and preventing premature wear, rust and corrosion, and damage in shock loading applications.

  • 28oz 850ml caulk tube
  • Cuts fill time
  • Reduces waste
  • Virtually eliminates over/under greasing
  • Greatly reduces wheel seals from leaking, protecting brake linings and road safety
  • Performs in all related application requiring full synthetic semi-fluid 00 EP grease
  • Plastic applicator tube is recyclable, environmentally friendly
  • Recommended in conjunction with Matrix JamSeal™ push-on wheel seal