Matrix NeoCast™ 4707Q Brake Shoe

//Matrix NeoCast™ 4707Q Brake Shoe

Matrix NeoCast™ 4707Q Brake Shoe

Introducing the world’s first lightweight cast iron 4707Q brake shoe. A next-generation, high-carbon ductile cast iron shoe, Matrix NeoCast does what no previous heavy-duty cast iron truck brake shoe could: weigh less. Better yet, it’s comparable in weight to today’s 4707Q pressed-steel shoe – only that is where comparisons end.

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Introducing Matrix NeoCast – the world’s first lightweight cast iron 4707Q brake shoe. A major breakthrough in S-cam foundation brake power, performance and safety, the Matrix NeoCast weighs as light as today’s pressed-steel cores – made of an advanced, high-carbon ductile cast iron that weighs dramatically less than cast iron shoes of old.


If ever a gamer-changer, Matrix NeoCast is it. In fact, it’s the only choice for maximum braking power and extended service life of linings, drums and air brake components in all 4707Q applications.

A Cast Iron 4707Q Brake Shoe Rivaled by Pressed-Steel in Weight Only.

Its robust, one-piece construction is all but immune to the degrading effects extreme braking temperatures have on pressed-steel cores. Better yet, Matrix NeoCast will not flex or stretch over the course of its lifecycle, let alone incur a broken weld as there are none.  From its first set of linings to its last, this cast iron 4707Q brake shoe provides maximum torque and optimal lining-to-drum contact.

In short, it maintains maximum braking power from day one to its last and, depending on the driver and application, who knows how long that could be? But we do know this. No modern-day S-cam foundation brake system has ever sustained this level of braking power from a pressed-steel shoe.

Which is why NeoBrake created the Matrix NeoCast. The future of heavy-duty truck brakes might very well be air disc brakes, but Matrix NeoCast improves drum brake power and performance the moment its installed, improving stopping distances and roadway safety, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of linings, brake drums and surrounding wheel-end components better than the best you’ve experienced today.

The Ultimate 4707Q Brake Shoe:

  • Weighs comparable to pressed-steel 4707Q brake shoes
  • Eliminates table flex, web stretch and broken welds
  • Sustains maximum torque for life of shoe
  • Offers twice the life of pressed-steel cores  – Guaranteed as part of Triple Double Guarantee™
  • Maintains optimum lining-to-drum contact
  • Doubling lining life – Guaranteed as part of Triple Double Guarantee
  • Resists rust 2-3 times longer than pressed steel
  • Provides superior, unparalleled heat dissipation
  • Extends service life of wheel-end and air brake components to longest possible time
  • Doubles drum life – Guaranteed as part of Triple Double Guarantee
  • Lengthens maintenance intervals to longest possible time
  • Requires no coining during relining process
  • Exceeds SAE J434 D4512 mechanical standard
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


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