Matrix T-RAD™ Tapered Roller Bearing

//Matrix T-RAD™ Tapered Roller Bearing

Matrix T-RAD™ Tapered Roller Bearing

The Matrix T-RAD™ Tapered Roller Bearing from NeoBrake is constructed of superior-grade raw materials and engineered to outperform others over the long haul.

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The Matrix T-RAD™ premium tapered roller bearing not only rolls with the punches, it packs a mean one. Consisting of pristine, superior-grade raw materials, this premium tapered roller bearing withstands the rigors of the road, rolling truer, cooler and longer. In fact, it’s made for those who miss the days when truck parts were built to last for what seemed like forever.

And that’s what Matrix T-RAD™ bearings are all about.

We won’t skimp on raw materials in order to improve our profit margins. We sought a manufacturer who shared our values for uncompromising quality. To that end, Matrix T-RAD™ bearings roll smoother and more efficiently, because they’re built with state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and equipment. Which combine to ensure maximum control over they’re internal geometry.

So keep your truck or fleet on the go and turning a buck. After all, we won’t push a product unless we can be sure it will push performance — and expectations — further. And to be sure,  Matrix T-RAD™ roller bearings do just that.

Matrix T-RAD™ Key Advantages:

  • Precision alignment, true rolling motion
  • Severe-duty design and construction
  • Fatigue-resistant bearing components
  • Fracture-resistant under heavy shock-loads
  • Reduced crack formation with surface damage
  • Debris-resistant surface
  • Robust, ductile cage
  • Tight cup, cone and roller tolerances
  • Internal geometry aids hydrodynamic lubrication
  • Uniform stress distribution
  • IS 7461/ABMA Standards compliant