UltiBond™ Lining Seal Adhesive

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UltiBond™ Lining Seal Adhesive

For those who demand every measure of protection against rust-jacking, UltiBond™ lining seal adhesive stops corrosion before it starts.

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For those who demand every measure of protection against rust-jacking, UltiBond™ lining seal adhesive provides the last line of defense. It’s a double-sided adhesive seal tape we apply directly to the shoe table before riveting on the linings. Once attached, a reinforced bond between linings and shoe forms to seal out moisture, roadway salt and de-icing chemicals.

Not only does this prevent rust from forming under the linings, it makes it far more difficult for the linings to crack should rust ever develop. And for the sake of argument, if rust-jacking ever occurs to linings protected by UltiBond, NeoBrake will replace those linings free of charge.

For ultimate results, use with NB1088™ cohesive friction linings, Matrix NeoSteel™ brake shoes, and Matrix Revolution™ machine-balanced brake drums.

UltiBond Lining Seal Adhesive:

  • Keeps moisture, roadway salt and de-icing chemicals from penetrating in between linings and shoe.
  • Strengthens bond between linings and shoe than just rivets alone.
  • Adds greater security against cracks in linings, preventing premature wear and failure.
  • Reduces vibration and associated noise.
  • Applies directly to shoe table before riveting linings on.
  • Guarantees against lining cracks due to rust-jacking for life of lining