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This is where the real magic of the reman process happens.

We convert, recondition and transform old shoes (across the entire gamut) into beaming beauties. No sleight of hand. Just old-fashioned know-how and superior quality friction formulas.

We’re one of the last, if not THE LAST reman truck brakes suppliers to perform onsite core inspections, protecting your investment and maximizing the core mileage. Few delivery/pick-up drivers are trained to that degree, but ours are.

In return, you receive an OE-quality shoe for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Even better, we deliver brake shoe orders when you need it. Not when it’s convenient for us; we provide weekly two-day-delivery service.

Yep, that’s the nuts and bolts of it. But here’s a glimpse into our rebuild process. It’s orchestrated by a team of keenly trained specialists, each possessing an eye for detail — and a sixth sense — for exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Take that, competition.


Worn linings are stripped from the cores. Cores are visually inspected for imperfections. Any not meeting our strict standards are disposed of. We won’t risk safety.


Paint and rust are removed down to bare metal. Once again, we visually inspect every core. OEM gauge inspection is then performed to ensure all cores meet or exceed OEM specifications.


NeoBrake cores are coated with a specially formulated paint that resists rust and corrosion. We do not market or have reason to apply a special “anti-rustjacking” coating for good reason: rustjacking, in our expert opinion, is more often than not the result of poor tensile strength in a brake lining. While road cleaning chemicals and agents may contribute to rustjacking, our product performance history would indicate otherwise and we stand by the quality of our linings.


Finally, NeoBrake premium asbestos-free brake blocks, featuring NeoKinetic Friction Technology™, are applied with deft precision in our automated riveting department. This high-performance friction material, manufactured by a proprietary pressure forging process, delivers ultimate stopping power, prolonged service life and outstanding drum compatibility.