NB1088 Cohesive Friction Linings

///NB1088 Cohesive Friction Linings

NB1088 Cohesive Friction Linings

For ultimate brake lining performance and life, NB1088-FF cohesive friction linings last twice as long as traditional abrasive-friction linings, while protecting drum surfaces from wear and reducing brake noise.

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The NB1088 cohesive friction brake block is the ultimate brake lining – the only lining, in fact, you need regardless of your application. From OTR to Transit, the NB1088 lining delivers longest life.

Formulated with special chemicals that bleed out of the lining during braking, the NB1088 lining develops a thin film on itself and the drum wall to create non-abrasive or cohesive friction. As a result, there’s less heat, no damage to the drum’s surface, and brake noise is reduced.

Best of all, linings last twice as long – or your next round of linings is on us.

Key Advantages

NB1088-FF brake blocks pass the inertia dynamometer requirement of the FMVSS 121 brake standar d at a 23,000 lb. GAWR when using an AL factor of 165 (type 30 air chamber and 6″ slack adjuster) or greater for OTR applications.

For our Transit block, the NB1088-FF lining passes the inertia dynamometer requirement of the FMVSS 121 brake standard at a 26,000 lb. GAWR when using a type 30 air chamber and 7″ slack adjuster.

Ultimate Formulation

  • Superior, asbestos-free matrix
  • Absence of conventional abrasives
  • Special ingredients to promote controlled transfer film
  • Film thickness 1 to 1.5 micron
  • Friction developed due to cohesive forces at molecular level
  • Special ingredients to control & condition film inter action
  • Heat sink particles to lower the rubbing surface temperature
  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS 121


Cohesive Friction Application

Recommended for use on trucks, tractors, and trailers, as well as transit, city bus, and refuse applications. Choose between our OTR/heavy-duty (23,000 lbs.) and Transit/severe-duty (26,000 lbs.) blocks.



Typical Inertia Dynamometer Plot Test Parameters – FMVSS 121 Brake Standard


Brake – 16.5″ x 7″
AL Factor – 165
Axle Load – 23,000 lbs.
Rolling Radius – 20.5″
CoF – FF


Brake – 14.5″ x 10″
AL Factor – 30 x 7
Axle Load – 26,000 lbs.
Rolling Radius – 20.3″ Transit
CoF – FF



leg-yellow Retardation Force
Minimum Required Retardation
Temperature (F)
leg-blue Pressure


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