NeoBrake Air Disc™ Brake Pads

//NeoBrake Air Disc™ Brake Pads

NeoBrake Air Disc™ Brake Pads

The NeoBrake Air Disc brake pads dissipate heat more aggressively, preventing premature wear and damage to it and surrounding wheel-end components, improving braking performance.

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NeoBrake Air Disc™ brake pads are specially designed to dissipate heat more aggressively. Turns out, excessive heat is causing premature pad wear and parts failure as a result. In fact, we’ve seen quality new pads last only three months in service as a direct result, so we developed a more robust premium brake pad to combat the problem.

When you have less surface friction area to manage the heat, your lining needs more oomph to get the job done. Once we established the problem, we applied our proven NeoKinetic Friction Technology™ to formulate a solution.

NeoBrake Air Disc™ brake pads last longer, while also helping to prevent premature wear and damage to wheel-end components. They also pass the inertia dynamometer requirement of the FMVSS 121 brake standard at a 22,000 lb. GAWR.



Recommended for use on trucks, tractors, and trailers in all applications including general cargo, stop and go urban driving, bus, grain, liquid hauling, dump trucks and lowboys.


Typical Inertia Dynamometer Plot Test Parameters – FMVSS 121 Brake Standard

Brake – KB SN7
Axle Load – 22,000 lbs.
Rolling Radius – 20.75″
Brake Chamber Size – T24
Caliper Level Ratio – 15:6:1
Disc Weight – 75.9 lbs.

leg-yellow Retardation Force
 Minimum Required Retardation
 Temperature (F)
leg-blue Max Pressure
leg-blue Ave Pressure
leg-blue Min Pressure


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8323 D1203, 8425 D1310, 8427 D1312, 8515 D1407