NeoBrake Debuts Premium Machine-Balanced Brake Drum

//NeoBrake Debuts Premium Machine-Balanced Brake Drum

NeoBrake Debuts Premium Machine-Balanced Brake Drum

OAK CREEK, Wis.November 15, 2014 – NeoBrake Systems, Inc., a leading North American heavy-duty brake remanufacturer, proudly debuts the Matrix Revolution™ brake drum, a premium machine-balanced brake drum, designed to improve braking performance, component wear, and roadway safety.

Key to its success is enhanced structural strength and uniform thermal expansion, according to NeoBrake CEO Rick Ballew, who believes cheaper raw materials are diminishing product performance.

“This drum accomplishes what other ones only hope to,” said Ballew. “The Matrix Revolution proves that raw materials directly impact performance, and we’re not ones to sacrifice performance for profits.”

No scrap or cheap filler material was used in the construction of the Matrix Revolution drum. Its 100% virgin ore composition is the foundation of its overall strength and heat dissipation properties. Then by machining both inner and outer walls for uniform wall thickness, the drum offers greater dimensional consistency and is able to maintain its round across extreme temperature ranges. Which allows linings to wear more evenly, braking performance to improve, and wheel-end parts and components to last longer, including tires.

“Our drums roll true from the moment they leave the factory,” added Ballew. “There’s no need to make balance cuts or to start welding on weights. One you look at them and you know it’s special.”

Adding to its allure, the Matrix Revolution drum sports a clear protective coating instead of a black one seen on other products. The result is a flashy, eye-catching brake drum that screams high-performance. From metal composition to state-of-the-art machining and balancing, this machine-balanced drum maximizes every advantage while also minimizing its impact on fuel economy. It weights 106 lbs.

NeoBrake currently offers 16.5” x 7” drums for steer, rear and back brake applications, with maximum axle rating at 25,000 lbs. They can be purchased nationwide at NeoBrake dealers and distributors, or online by the truckload at

For more information, visit, call 1-888-411-9916, or contact Rick Ballew at

About NeoBrake

NeoBrake Systems, Inc. is a leading North American remanufacturer of heavy-duty brakes and formulator of world-class asbestos-free brake drum and air disc brake linings, as well as the marketer of superior-grade, performance-enduring Matrix wheel-end replacement parts and axle hub grease. NeoBrake operates throughout the continental United States, strategically locating warehouse distribution centers in highest volume regions to ensure 2-day deliver. Founded in 1988, NeoBrake is privately owned and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin—a Milwaukee suburb. For more information, visit or call 1-888-411-9916. Follow NeoBrake (@RemanUp) on Twitter.


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