NeoBrake Announces Standard 2-Day Delivery

//NeoBrake Announces Standard 2-Day Delivery

NeoBrake Announces Standard 2-Day Delivery

NeoBrake Systems, Inc. announces standard 2-day delivery for Midwest customers.

“Time is money, and I have yet to meet anyone who welcomes downtime in the trucking business,” says Rick Ballew, NeoBrake CEO. “We ship throughout the continental United States and all of Canada, but at this time our 2-day delivery offers benefits those within our Midwest distribution zones.”

NeoBrake’s warehouse distribution centers are strategically located to fulfill the greatest need. As their business continues to grow outside of the Midwest, new distribution centers will be established, according to Ballew.

“It might not be two days outside of our Midwest shipping zones, but we do ship within days, not weeks, and we’ll compete with anyone on those terms, that I guarantee.”

NeoBrake formulates the world’s highest-grade friction material and has remanufactured premium heavy-duty brakes since 1988, including new brakes. They also market premium, high-grade wheel-end products under the Matrix brand name. For more information or the distributor near you, contact NeoBrake at 1-888-411-9916 or go to

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